Using Automated SDN/NFV Infrastructure to Provide Security, Agility and Insight in the Cloud

Cloud and data center services have evolved rapidly over the last decade. As more business critical workloads move to the cloud, enterprises are making higher demands on their ecosystem of cloud service, data hosting and connectivity providers. It is becoming increasingly clear that relying on public Internet connectivity to support business critical cloud services is no longer an option from a security and performance perspective.

In this on-demand webinar, Dan Joe Barry, Chief Evangelist at Napatech, will discuss some of the fundamental challenges faced by cloud service providers today and look at the central requirements for security, agility and insight.

Join the webinar to learn:

•How SDN and NFV can be used to address the needs for security, agility and insight across cloud connections
•What you need from an NFV infrastructure to enable service agility, security and insight
•How you can acquire efficient insight into the network performance to allow real-time network behavior analysis for management and security purposes

Sponsor: Napatech