An Interactive eGuide: Open Source

By now, enterprises are well aware of the benefits of open-source software, which boasts a clean design, reliability, and maintainability, as well as support for standards and community values. But perhaps the biggest benefit is quality; since open-source software users have access to source code, bug fixes and enhancements come from multiple sources, often resulting in superior software.

Despite the many benefits offered by open-source software, enterprises also know that using these products is far from trouble-free. Enterprises grapple with issues such as which open-source product best meets their needs, how to remain complaint with the often myriad open-source licenses associated with an offering, and what the impact of recent acquisitions will be. In this eGuide, IT World joins forces with sister publications Network World and IDG News Service to bring a collection of articles covering news and interviews from the open-source world. Read on to learn the latest in open source happenings and what some of the industry's most prominent members have to say about open source, its importance, and its future.

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