Supporting Mobile Productivity With A Limited IT Budget

We live at a time when mobile device usage within a company is almost a foregone conclusion: nearly 70% of the world uses a mobile phone, and with the advent of tablet devices, many users carry both a phone and a second screen. Almost 1.5 Billion mobile devices were shipped in 2010, and in Q4 alone, there was a 17% increase from Q3/10, evidence of exponential growth (IDC February 2011 report). Also in 2010, the FCC approved the embedding of nearly 12,000 different wireless transmitters, signifying a rise in both complexity of each mobile device and the overall number of different handsets to support.Given that 'mobile is the new everything,' most organizations (especially small to medium enterprises) are being pressured to support a range of new devices and are struggling to keep up with a break-neck pace of software releases, device upgrades, and the slew of pitfalls inherent in supporting mobile devices (usage, security, app deployment/development, lost devices, etc etc).

So the big question remains: with demands for budget reduction and a zeitgeist of 'do more with less,' how can IT unlock the incredible untapped potential for increased productivity and real-time responsiveness inherent in mobile enablement without 'breaking the bank'?

Join us and hear from Kaseya mobile IT management experts as we discuss core strategies for supporting the mobile revolution on a shoestring budget, and offer tangible best practices from Kaseya's new software suite that will pave the way for mobile productivity within your organization (making top-level and strategic mobile decisions, maximizing the existing app landscape, securing the mobile data stream, and responding to end-user requests).

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