Finding the right cloud solutions for your organization

If you manage technology today, you know the story: everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and fluid. Expectations are high. On any given day, it's all about service delivery. You need to provide technology-enabled services to your people whenever and wherever they need them-and you need to do it cost-effectively, securely, and quickly. This is one of the driving forces behind the rise in cloud computing. Cloud computing can provide new levels of collaboration, agility, speed, and cost savings for enterprises of any size and type.

HP is driving the evolution of what we call the Instant-On Enterprise. It is an enterprise that embeds technology into everything it does to better serve citizens, partners, employees, and clients. We believe that today's Instant-On Enterprises need to think differently about how they source and deliver services that are enabled by technology. They need to take advantage of a hybrid delivery model-one that truly optimizes the mix between traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud.

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