Distributed Database Security with Real-time Monitoring

Organizations across the globe continue to experience compromised data caused by malicious attacks, web application vulnerabilities or unauthorized changes. These organizations are also challenged to remain in compliance by the proliferation of diverse databases and platforms distributed across the enterprise - including cloud, commercial, OLTP and batch environments. IBM InfoSphere solutions for data security and privacy are designed to support a holistic approach, helping organizations protect its data against a complex threat landscape while remaining focused on business goals. Because the InfoSphere solutions are scalable and modular, organizations can focus on their most critical data protection concerns first, and then adopt other solutions over time. InfoSphere solutions for data security and privacy help your organization to: understand where the data exists; safeguard sensitive data, both structured and unstructured; protect production and non-production environments; secure and continuously monitor access to data; and demonstrate compliance to pass audits. View this demo and learn how IBM InfoSphere Guardium database activity monitoring can help protect your sensitive data in distributed DBMS environments with a holistic approach to data security and compliance.

Sponsor: IBM