Smarter Development and Testing for IBM® System z®

IT is being pressured to deliver more function with fewer resources in a shorter time. Transformation is difficult in IBM® System z® shops, where requirements are a challenge to implement quickly, testing cycles tend to be long and fixed, and the risk of change is high. Many shops are exploring modern development practices and delivery techniques to support these demands.

Join us for this webcast and hear from IBM Distinguished Engineer Rosalind Radcliffe and David Myer, Rational Developer on z Product Manager, about using IBM® Rational® Developer for IBM® System z® unit test for implementing changes such as adopting an agile mainframe development practices, creating an isolated version-to-version test environment, and investigating a continuous integration process.

In addition, get a view into improvements that IBM is exploring to help further modernization, such as using IBM® Rational® Quality Manager integrated with existing deployment technology, or combined with IBM® Rational Team Concert™ to move to a more automated tested environment that further enables continuous integration and delivery.

Sponsor: IBM