Dramatically Simplify Video Collaboration Deployments

Technology is changing the way we communicate, collaborate, and work. The rapid adoption of consumer video is driving demand in the workplace, causing a dramatic shift in how organizations approach enterprise communications.

Rich Media Communications, combing video collaboration, voice and content, can help meet this demand. Video collaboration removes time and distance barriers to create a more productive work environment. Better yet, you can integrate video into other media applications, such as Unified Communications and social media-all delivered on-premise or via the Cloud.

But the increased demand for video and real-time collaboration has a profound impact on legacy networks ill-equipped to deal with converged IP network traffic, bandwidth management, and quality of service delivery-which you cannot address by increased bandwidth alone.

If you want to dramatically simplify video collaboration deployments, centralize management, improve business productivity, and reduce IT costs associated with rich media communications, you do not want to miss this informative webinar.

Sponsor: HP and Polycom