Four Burning Questions about Moving to Exchange 2010

Is your company excited about moving to Exchange 2010, but has been putting it off because of concerns about hardware, expertise, or how long it will take? USA.NET can help you successfully migrate to Exchange 2010 in the cloud at a predictable price, and in half the time and risk compared to a traditional migration. This webinar will cover the four things you need to know about migrating to Exchange 2010 in the cloud:

1. What vendor end-of-support timelines for several major aging email platforms mean to you?
2. What business benefits will your users experience by moving to Exchange 2010 in the cloud?
3. Which migration approach - "big-bang" or phased migration - is right for you?
4. How should you budget for personnel, hardware, and other capital expenditures?

Sponsor: Perimeter E-Security