How made Azure work for them

Date: Thursday, July 19th
Time: 12PM EST/9AM PST

time cockpit tamed and reaped the benefits of the Azure cloud platform with dynaTrace, lowering their operational costs while increasing user satisfaction. Find out how they do more with less in this webinar and live demo.

time cockpit is a solution for tracking billable hours for service professionals. It is offered through a Silverlight/WCF-REST application hosted on Microsoft Azure. Onboarding new customers quickly and retaining them as regular subscribers is critical for time cockpit's business, as customers can cancel their subscription in just a click. Time cockpit is now scaling to 10,000 timesheets daily and has a growing customer base.

Alexander Huber and Simon Opelt - the team behind time cockpit - will show you how they've used dynaTrace to rapidly pinpoint errors in their production environment and fix them before customers are affected. They've also been able to:

- optimize Azure resource usage
- lower operational costs
- identify and resolve application performance bottlenecks
- scale their service to support business growth

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