End User Experience Management Industry Brief Top 10 Myths to Debunk

The End User Experience (EUE) Management market is definitely heating up, and it is critical for enterprises to understand the inherent differences of these various technologies to ensure that their unique performance needs are appropriately addressed. In order to ensure a successful purchasing decision and to expedite the implementation of the right EUE monitoring tool for your company, it is important to understand the "ins and outs" of EUE. Once fully equipped with this knowledge, you will then be able to select the most appropriate tool that will give you the visibility required to decrease business disruptions and increase end user productivity.

This industry brief will review the top 10 myths associated with EUE Management technologies -- and debunk them. Specifically, this paper will outline:

* The top 10 technical areas of EUE and Application Performance Management (APM) tools
* The technological differences of core EUE/APM technologies and how these approaches impact your visibility into real end user behavior management and monitoring
* The top challenges and business drivers that EUE addresses
* How to identify your unique monitoring needs and the APM solution that will best meet them

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