The Need for Enterprise-Grade File Sharing and Synchronization

Cloud-based file-sharing and synchronization solutions are among the most popular applications used in the workplace.

Many of these solutions, classified as "consumer-focused" because they are typically deployed by individual users and not as part of a coordinated IT plan, offer tremendous usability. By synchronizing files across a variety of platforms - desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet - these tools enable users to have near real time access to all of their content from any platform and any location.

However, these consumer-focused solutions can put organizations at greater risk and drive-up the overall cost of managing corporate data assets and networks.

Read this Osterman Research whitepaper to learn:

* The current state of file sharing and synchronization
* The issues and shortcomings associated with the use of consumer-focused solutions
* Key features to look for when evaluating an enterprise-grade file sharing and synchronization solution

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