Complete Cloud Application Performance Management

As organizations progress on their journey to IT transformation, increasingly virtualizing and modernizing their business-critical applications, they are challenged to increase application performance and decrease management costs. The complexity and dynamic nature of modern applications compounds this challenge. Legacy application performance management tools are crippled in their ability to deliver the management and monitoring needs of dynamic modern applications.

VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager, a core building block in the VMware Active Application management suite, delivers a new standard for monitoring and management tools for owners of applications deployed on virtualized or cloud infrastructure. Application Performance Manager is built specifically for cloud consumers. While cloud providers focus on the infrastructure-utilization aspect of performance, cloud consumers need a new management approach that centers on the application itself specifically looking at transaction performance and how infrastructure resources and code changes affect overall application health.

Attend this webcast to learn how vFabric Application Performance Manager:

-Enables you to focus on the business view of application performance rather than infrastructure utilization
-Simplifies the identification and remediation of performance problems down to the code level
-Delivers comprehensive, closed-loop application performance monitoring/remediation
-Accelerates time to value with a tool that is easy to set up and works across any cloud

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