When Java EE Is Overkill: Lightweight Application Server Benefits

The complexity, cost and technological bloat of traditional Java EE application servers are often barriers to running a lean and efficient IT organization. Increased need for scalability and rapid application delivery are driving businesses to reconsider the platform they use for application deployment. By combining the portability and agility of the Spring framework with a lightweight application server, your organization can meet business demands while staying within budget constraints. VMware vFabric tc Server is a modern, lightweight Java application server based on Apache Tomcat. It improves developer productivity, control and manageability and is the most flexible platform for virtualizing Java applications and workloads for the cloud.
View this webcast to learn about:

- Real-world examples of companies that have adopted VMware vFabric tc Server
- The decision process for moving to VMware vFabric tc Server
- Realized benefits of using Spring and VMware vFabric tc Server
- When it is appropriate to stay on a JEE platform
- Planning for future cloud deployments

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