Managing Requirements for Mobile Development

Today, computing has started moving to an era of mobile devices and businesses are having to keep up by providing access to their services via highly functional and attractive mobile applications. We are also seeing many organizations adopting the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for employee handsets and having to make their enterprise applications available to these devices so that employees can be more productive. In both the cases user expects a superior user experience with frequent updates of functionality, therefore getting the requirements right for such applications is of critical importance.

An effective requirements management process that is incorporated into the wider development life cycle will allow businesses to communicate exactly what is required of the mobile application. This enables the development team to be clear on what needs to be created, and for testers to begin writing test cases earlier in the life cycle. IBM Rational Requirements Composer provides a lightweight requirements management solution for effective mobile development. It helps mobile developers and business analysts model use cases, user interface sketching, story-boarding and a collaborative environment for reviews and approvals amongst stakeholders. Join us for a web cast with Jon Walton, a Senior Technical Client Professional at IBM who will walk you through the best practices of managing requirements effectively in mobile development.

What you will learn:
- Best practices in managing requirements effectively while developing mobile applications
- How Rational Requirements Composer can help a mobile developer or a business analyst in interface designs and storyboarding

Sponsor: IBM