Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Early Adopter Guide

Windows Server 2012 supports the following new features as compared to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2:

-Beyond Virtualization -- Provides the infrastructure to build a private secure cloud. Provides the flexibility to build and deploy applications in a cloud using an open set of tools or framework.
-Improved live migration of virtual machines -- Increases the speed of live migration allowing simultaneous migration of many virtual machines in a cluster. It also supports live migration outside a clustered environment.
-Hyper-V Replica -- Replicates Hyper-V virtual machine from one Hyper-V host at a primary site to another Hyper-V host at a replica site.
-Hyper-V host scale-up workload support -- Allows Hyper-V to support workload:
-Virtual Fiber Channel for Hyper-V -- Allows virtual machines to connect directly to Fiber Channel-based storage, thereby increasing storage capacity.
-Hyper-V support for 4-KB disk sectors

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