Cloud Services: The quest for cost savings and reduced capex

If one believes in the hype of cloud services, we have entered into the third age of IT. Gone are the days of siloed systems, manual processes and blade servers housed within the "IT Cave". Enter a brand new world of massive savings through centralized purchasing, hosting and support. Within this new age, capital expenditures are non-existent and IT is blissful in its trust of cloud services providers. The reality, however, is quite different. While the promise of cloud services and its benefits are beginning to be born out through the largest enterprises, many IT leaders are still testing the waters to determine if, in fact, cloud services and cloud computing is "right" for their enterprise. This whitepaper will explore the hard realities of cloud computing - the good, the bad and the beautiful - and will seek to provide insight into what large and small enterprises should look to as they begin their quest for increased cost savings and reduced capital expenditures. With the focus on increased accountability and measurable outcomes, IT Leadership is looking to experts within the technology community to aid in the quest for comprehensive cloud solutions that are built on a platform of growth and can adapt as needs change.

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