How to Prepare Your Website for Translation & Localization

If your website is live, then it has the potential to reach a global audience. However, to succeed in international markets you must provide a culturally relevant, multilingual experience. Simply put, people don't buy stuff or engage with companies that don't speak their language. First you need to translate your content into multiple languages then localize for each of your markets. This means customizing content including products, offers, currencies and more for each locale. It can be a complicated process requiring professional translators, localization experts and a website infrastructure optimized for delivering multilingual content. But thanks to the cloud there are specific things you can do today to prepare your code and infrastructure for faster more streamlined translation.

Inside this guide, you will learn the three primary phases of preparing your code for translation, how to formulate a sound translation strategy using professional translators, machine translations and crowdsourced content. Plus, get evaluation methods on sourcing technology to help manage workflow and development so you can build smart, effective and scalable global presence.

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