Application Security eGuide

Enterprises around the world are facing what could be called the most aggressive threat environment in the history of information technology. Disruptive computing trends are emerging that offer increased employee productivity and business agility, but at the same time introduce a host of new risks and uncertainty. Applications are no exception - the ways that developers create the programs that support the business are always evolving, but security measures to protect these new applications struggle to keep up. When it comes to commercial applications, patching security holes is a must - yet so often these holes are left unplugged and vulnerabilities find their way into the corporate network.

In this eGuide, CIO and sister publications CSO and InfoWorld bring you news, opinions, research and advice regarding the risks that enterprises face from lackluster application security, and steps that can be taken to improve IT defenses. Read on to learn more about application security trends and approaches for today's insecure world.

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