Integrated Systems and Streamlined Practices Propel New, Responsive IT Organizations

Enterprise IT leaders must transform their organizations to be responsive to fast-changing business needs. They must focus on enabling business innovations. They know it, and have begun a revolution in technologies, talents, and team structures for fast, flexible delivery of new business capabilities with increasing efficiency and at ever lower costs.

This paper characterizes a significant IT transformation that's underway for firms just beginning the journey or those already in the middle of the change. Few CIOs launch this revolution as a well-thought-out strategy; they usually begin with a focus on cost-cutting and quality improvement. Most IT leaders then discover the revolutionary nature of the change only as an organic consequence of the ongoing maturation of the IT organization and its technologies. They begin activities like data center consolidation, server virtualization, appliance adoption, or service automation - seeking to improve quality, time-to-market, and the price/performance ratio. But these IT shops are discovering that the changes underway are more fundamental and significant than they had anticipated - a true, albeit gradual, revolution.

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