Proactive Response to Today's Advanced Persistent Threats

There is no fail-safe in today's digital world. Incidents will occur, both unintentional and malicious. To mitigate damage and organizational impact, the agile organization will respond quickly. To mitigate risks before damage occurs, an organization can maintain a continuous high state of security, ensure that all computing endpoints are in compliance, automate actions to shorten response time and enact measures to control infections with quarantine until remediation is complete.

Achieving this level of agility, however, requires pervasive real-time visibility and control over all endpoints, not only to identify deviations from policies but also to quickly return the environment to stability. An effective response system must also manage remote devices--on or off the network--running heterogeneous operating systems. It must scale to meet growing network demands. It must combine speed, accurate detection and high-quality remediation techniques in the face of threats that are faster, more sophisticated and more difficult to prevent.

Sponsor: IBM Corporation