Customer Panel - Disk Backup for the Mid-market - the facts behind the best in class solution

LIVE Webcast - September 17, 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT

Every time an organization updates its backup solution they set out to find the best for their business but often end up choosing the biggest supplier. But what if the biggest isn't the best?
In the last six months ExaGrid has been identified as the provider of the best in class disk-based backup solutions in the mid-market - not once but three times. So, finding the best just got a lot easier! But proud as we are of these independent Lab assessments, we recognize that customers know best because they see how our technology performs where it really matters - in meeting the needs of daily backup windows, restore demands and disaster recovery scenarios.

That's why we are hosting a special Customer Panel Webinar to review the findings of the analysts in the context of everyday backup needs and experiences.
Marc Crespi, VP Product Management of ExaGrid, will be joined by three top customers to discuss how ExaGrid's unique approach to disk backup with deduplication solved their business challenges.

Key highlights of the Customer Panel:
- Receive a summary of the 2013 third-party evaluations of deduplicating backup appliance solutions
- See how ExaGrid's backup architecture measures up against the benefits that matter most to end users
- Learn how our post-process deduplication, unique landing zone technology, and scalable grid architecture combine to deliver a product that's truly second to none for the mid-market - and in the words of Info-Tech: 'enables simultaneous scaling of both performance and capacity, and elimination of forklift upgrades'.
- Hear from end users how being the best in class goes beyond technology to embrace service, support and affordability - both immediately and in terms of total cost of ownership.

Featured Customers:
- Scott Follik, Manager, Service Delivery & Support, The Energy Authority
- Dean Yager, IT Manager, The Old Globe
- Patrick Meleski, IT Manager, Yuba Community School District

Sponsor: ExaGrid