The Case for Mobile Apps

It can be argued that software drives innovation and behavior. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the burgeoning market for mobile applications -- software that runs on portable computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps drive device use. And as mobile networks grow more robust, they let users tap into the Internet that they already know well to get information, communicate with colleagues and friends, be productive and -- ultimately -- buy things.

Today's mobile apps turn handheld devices into e-book readers, portable navigation systems, digital wallets and more. And for organizations with mobile workers, they boost productivity by allowing easy access to resources and applications. Mobile apps can be designed for employees, customers, constituents and more. They can be offered in established commercial app stores or via enterprise application storefronts managed by IT. And they require time and effort to develop and manage. Still, organizations can't afford not to explore strategies for employing mobile apps to their advantage.

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