The New Universe of Managed File Transfer: Why your existing solution might not be adequate

To meet the demands of today's business landscape, IT staffs must take steps to secure and integrate their information assets, while satisfying compliance mandates and optimizing corporate efficiency. This white paper presents managed file transfer (MFT) as a way to meet corporate information and data management requirements.

We examine MFT with regard to its increasing role in achieving data integration-a critical component of any corporate integration strategy. We also assess older, less-sophisticated technologies such as FTP, which fails to meet the demands of today's complex business landscape.

In addition, you'll learn how, through the use of advanced MFT, organizations can address the most serious security and privacy concerns, including those raised by the U.S. Congress with the introduction of the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act. And a particularly valuable section tells you what to look for in an advanced MFT solution.

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