Get it on demand! Big Data and Big Insights with Dell, SAP and Hadoop

Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM EST

Big Data is already a trend that companies are jumping to. The possibility of exploiting massive amounts of data from multiple sources to make sound business decisions seemed like nirvana a couple of years ago; however now this is a reality. Customers have come to expect businesses to understand their wants and needs, likes and dislikes and to achieve this Big Data must be applied to products and services that businesses provide. This along with competitive pressures is pushing businesses towards implementing targeted marketing and sales initiatives.

Businesses must be able to rapidly perform advanced segmentations on large populations, fine tune marketing campaigns on the fly and successfully convert prospects. Maintaining accurate and timely customer information is of paramount importance to building and managing closer customer relationships. Employee turnover is also costing businesses a lot of money! With better analytics and management insight, there is an opportunity for employers to cultivate a better workforce. Traditional data warehousing technologies may struggle with vast and complex data sets, but SAP's HANA platform which is part of Dell's Active Infrastructure portfolio, delivers a new approach that can provide instantaneous access to results gleaned from mountains of disparate data.

The SAP HANA platform is optimized on established Dell servers powered by the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors, networking and storage. Available in both single server and larger scale-out configurations designed for business continuity, Dell's full portfolio of SAP HANA certified solutions offer outstanding enterprise class features including easy scalability, enterprise class availability, modular growth, and disaster recovery. When combined with Hadoop, which is an efficient distributed file system designed specifically for information that comes in many forms, businesses are able to both store and process large volumes of data and analyze it in ways not previously possible with less scalable solutions or standard SQL-based approaches. Information can now be analyzed and mined both deep and wide. With the integration work of the SAP HANA platform with Hadoop, all the data that analysts need can accessed or move seamlessly between the two systems when they want it, not after weeks of processing. By combining the all in-memory, columnar SAP HANA database with Hadoop in the data center, businesses are able to process large amounts of information with instant insights.

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