Enterprise File Sync & Share Checklist

File sync and share has changed the way people work and collaborate in today's tech-savvy world. Gone are the email roadblocks, clunky FTP sites, unreliable remote server access and VPNs. Instead employees can work seamlessly from anywhere. This flexibility has become increasingly important--and expected--with IT consumerization, BYOD and daily use of multiple devices for work. But, not all file sync and share platforms are created equally.

While consumer-grade sync and share platforms are easy to use, they also have limitations. Many are only accessible through apps or web browsers, have storage limits and provide only email-based support. Additionally, consumer-grade platforms often lack the level of data encryption, security and integration required for enterprise IT to fully secure and protect data moving into and out of their networks. Review this checklist for must-have guidelines and considerations for selecting an enterprise-ready file sync and share that provides IT with complete visibility and control, while allowing users to just keep working.

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