The Key to Happiness: Throw out Your Data Warehouse

When organizations want to improve data quality, organize data for analytics, or develop a "single version of the truth", they immediately think they need to start with a data warehouse. But when is using a data warehouse the wrong move? When FairPoint Communications wanted to organize data from far-flung parts of the company, they turned off their data warehouse in favor of an agile data management and analytics solution that acts as a virtual data. The alternative approach brought agility to their organization and transparency that benefited decision makers in all departments.

In this on demand webcast, Kerry Reitnauer, Director, Solution Architect at FairPoint Communications will discuss the project in detail, including:

* The challenges the warehouse brought
* How they migrated to the virtual warehouse solution
* The agility, cost, and analytic benefits they received from their agile data management and analytics solution.

Sponsor: Lavastorm